Business Analytics and Category Leadership

Provide Business Analytics and Category Leadership support to our clients to turn data into actionable selling strategies and recommendations.

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Our Analytics Team is Here to Be Your Strategic Advisor & An Integral Part of Your Team

With so much data available it is our job to turn them into actionable insights and improve overall decision making for your teams by providing the following: 1.) Category Leadership support by utilizing syndicated and other data sources to inspire fast and actionable support that will deliver ROI. 2.) Business Analytics support and custom dashboards tailored around your business needs with insightful recommendations. 3.) Specialist in our retailers' loyalty data that can help clients understand the consumer behaviors to improve shelf excellence, promotional opportunities, consumer insights and trends.


Sales and Brand Portfolio Management

Best-in-class sales and marketing support as well as day-to-day management of clients brand portfolio and strategy support.

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Business Consulting

Provide continuity to direct sales organization, tailored business plans & promotional strategies, customer education for direct team, private label consulting & representation.

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Retail Services

Best-in-class contracted retail support utilized to ensure the manufacturer standards are met.

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Sales Operations Management

RecorGroup hires & retains the best administrative staff in the market; the focus is on Sales Operations support through deduction management, open amount control and ensuring compliance to minimize manufacturer audit exposure.

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