Superior Sales Operations Support

Superior Sales Operations Support

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Our Sales Operations Specialists are the best in the industry

Our Sales Operations team are experts in all of our retailer's systems to provide the following support: 1) Integral part of the new item process and scope of work to ensure smooth acceptance process. 2) Experts in all the promotional systems and tools to make sure all items are set up and ready for execution. 3) Deductions management support that is guaranteed cleared in less than 30 days. 4) Provide order to cash management with 99% contractual accuracy.


Sales & Brand Portfolio Management

We provide top-tier business management and brand representation with business managers who are part sales rep, insights specialists, and entrepreneur.

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Business Analytics & Category Leadership

We offer business analytics tools and category support to turn data into actionable selling strategies for our clients. Trust us to provide the insights needed for success in today's competitive CPG market.

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Strategic Business Consulting

We use our customer and data expertise provide our clients customized business plans & promotional strategies leveraging key insights and omni-channel tactics as well as ongoing business consultation.

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